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It was a great session & learning experience and I think implementing the BA approach with the various artifacts that we discussed will definitely help make the analysis and implementation process very efficient. 

Billie was just fantastic! Her command of the subject matter and real world experience she was able to relate to us was very helpful!

A true BA professional who taught with ease and clarity.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us - I recognized the fire you've got in your belly for the BA profession

I really enjoyed the session – it really helped me refresh my memory and reinforce on my existing knowledge. Thank you so much sharing your expertise. 


Billie is an excellent trainer. Her previous work experience lends a useful real world element to the training. You know she has done the work before and is not just a talking head. You also can trust what she says as she has been in the trenches. Also,  she encourages students to ask questions, but does not allow them to take over the class. She also teaches the class at a nice pace and adjusts as necessary depending on the students needs.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and showing the organized tools that we need as BA.  I feel more confident to go back to my client and listen their requests, form as requirements.  You did a great job making it fun to learn and keeping us engaged!  

Thanks very much.  I thought you were excellent and hope to have you again for another training class at some point.  I feel that I got a lot of useful information, and you presented it in a clear (and interesting) way.  I liked the way you kept us all engaged and involved in the material that you were teaching us

I think that I’m the opposite of you in that I’ve always hated looking at flowcharts, diagrams, etc. and much rather read a list of steps.  However, you may have converted me as I now see the real value to trying to draw something. It forces you to see whether or not you understand it and it gets you to your questions. 

You provided us with several tools and techniques that will assist with our current roles.  It was a lot of information at one time, but I truly believe that as we continue with our jobs we will be able to unpack and utilize the knowledge

The instructor kept things lively and energetic the entire time, and people really clicked with her. 

“THANK YOU!” Everyone who attended your class is very happy with what they learned and say the time spent was well worth it. I think it will do the IT Division and the organization a world of good. 

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